PHONE: 01536 660515


ADDRESS: Commercial Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 5XG

OPENING HOURS 10am - 10pm

The Race Club Karting UK Corby

  • Split Level Go Karting track
  • Kids Karts and many more
  • New Sodi GT5R karts

Deposit £10 / per person

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Carefully read all the informations below, we need to make sure that you are well preapered and safe before you get on track. Please remember that all motorsports have elements of risk. Drive safe and enjoy your time on our track



Best lap time in 2018 year

# Nick Time
1 Josh Burton 34.116
2 Jaq O’Hara 35.693
3 James Looke 36.110
4 Jack Mowat 36.133
5 Joshua Evans 36.133
6 Charlee O’Hara 36.165
7 Jenson Giles 36.429
8 Leighton Frith 36.468
9 Leo Morgan 36.524
10 Emily Parkins 36.536


Best lap time in 2018 year

# Nick Time
1 Josh Nie 30.181
2 Garry Ross 30.536
3 Matt Cooper 30.622
4 Karl Langley 30.766
5 Mark Davies 30.777
6 Richard ‘Gergo’ Szegfu 30.835
7 Andrew Nie 30.839
8 Willie Davis 30.875
9 Thomas Wilkins 30.895
10 Eagan Bruley 30.969



Membership Packages

We offer three different Membership Packages: Gold, Silver and Bronze All packages are valid for eleven months (except December)

Becoming a member you will get many additional benefits, such as access to our brand new Sodi GT5R Go Karts. Depending on what package you choose, you will also get 20% discount for Karting and Diner and a FREE Birthday Race for your friends

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