PHONE: 01536 660515


ADDRESS: Commercial Road, Corby, Northants, NN17 5XG

OPENING HOURS 10am - 10pm


How old do I need to be to go karting?

Minimum of 8 years old.

Is there a height limit?

Yes, we measure your leg length. From the top of the hip to the tip of your ankle needs to be 31 inches (76 cm).
Please measure the outer leg.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes. Our karts are only usable for adults of 120kg or lower.

I'm pregnant, can I still race?

We do not allow expectant mothers to race due to potential crashes and impact on the abdomen region.

What do I need to wear?

Sensible clothing and footwear. No high heels or open-toed shoes. We provide overalls, helmets, balaclavas and gloves.

Can I bring my own gear?

Yes. All we ask is that they are in good working order (no rips) and that if you bring your own helmet,
they are not full tint visors and motocross helmets must have the goggles with them.
We also ask that they have the ACU Stickers.

Can I just turn up and race?

We would recommend that you book in with us via our website or telephone.
We cannot guarantee that there will be enough spaces.

Do I require a licence?


How many drivers can race at once on the track?

Our tracks maximum capacity is 10 karts.
We have sessions specifically designed to cater for groups of more than 10 were we split the sessions in to heats or teams.

Do we have to pay a deposit?

We ask for £10 per driver as a deposit on our sessions to secure your booking. Deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Do we pay the rest before we come and race?

Yes, the remaining balance is due on arrival.

Can I Pay by Card?

Yes. We accept most cards apart from American Express.

How long before the session so we need to be here for?

We ask that you are here 30 minutes before your session.

How long are visitors usually here for?

Typically speaking, you are on our premises for around the 1-hour mark.
But depending on your session it could be more.

Why are we here so early?

We ask you to get here early as we require yourself to create a driver account, have an NKA safety briefing and get kitted up.

What Karts do we use?

Both Sets of Karts are petrol.
For adults we have Sodi Kart GT5R 270cc’s and for Cadets we have Sodi Funkart 120 cc’s.

At what age can I use the Adult Karts?

14 years old. If you have completed the TRCK Race School Level 4 course then you can be 12 Years old to use the adult karts.

Can I Race with my child at the same time?

Yes. We have a ‘Dads n lads’ session which allows both types of kart on track at the same time.

What if I want to do another session with my child who would be on the Cadet kart?

We are governed by the NKA (National Karting Association)
and we are not permitted to run any other session where Adults and Cadets are in competition with each other.

What is the top speed of the karts?

Adults karts can hit speeds of around 40mph on our track and Cadets can hit around 25mph.

Whats the average lap time for customers?

Depending on your experience, an average lap time is between 33 seconds and 37 seconds.
Cadets are usually around the 40 second mark.

What is the fastest lap time?


Is there anywhere we can view the track if we are not racing?

Yes. We have a viewing balcony on track and a diner with great views of the track.

I like karting and I am planning to come more often.
Is there something where I can get discount for coming more often?

Yes. We have 3 types of memberships available with discounts available on sessions across the week.
We also have one off special members-only events.

I’ve been a few times with friends but I want to test myself against other drivers.
Is their a racing league or open events I can join?

Yes. We have 2 TRCK Leagues in operation. One for adults and one for cadets.

My child loves it but isn’t very quick. Is there anything in terms of training for them?

Yes. For under 14’s we have the TRCK Race School where we train the drivers in different areas of the sport over 4 different levels.

Is there anywhere on site for refreshments?

Yes. We have a fully licensed bar and restaurant, The Race Club Diner.

Can I have an alcoholic drink before I go on track?

No. It is strictly no drinking and driving. And waivers must be signed prior to your event confirming this.

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